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Users' guide


CavePaint requires meter units. You can do that by creating a file ".caverc" in the directory of the executeable file.

Compile notes
make -f Make2
to compile the code for the CAVE

Cavepaint requires at least a Wand with 1 button but it supports a Wand with 3 buttons and a joystick on it. We think of the Wand as a 3D mouse so we don't use the Wand orientation. Also the usage of the Wand is compareable to a 2D mouse. If you want to draw something the Wand position has to be within the volume. If you want to presse a button or control another user interface element you have to be within this button or element.

Wand-Button 1:
Primary action button
- Draw within the volume
- Use user interface controls

Wand-Button 2:
Secondary action button (currently not in use)

Wand-Button 3:
Special functions
(currently you can use it to choose a random color)

Rotate the volume

User interface

Read the text on it :-)

Calculates the color by the Wand position within the Color-Chooser. You can see the selected color in the upper area of the Color-Chooser.

Controls on a PC

Because CavePaint is primary designed for the CAVE the usage on a PC is quite user-unfriendly.

j,k,i,l,z,h: Move the camera (like moving your head within the CAVE)
v,b,n,m: Rotate the camera (like rotating your head within the CAVE)
Arrow keys, PgUp, PgDown: Move the cursor (same as moving the Wand within the CAVE)
1,2,3: same as pressing one of the 3 Wand buttons within the CAVE
q,w,e,a,s,d: rotate the Volumen (like using the joystick within the CAVE)

Shortcuts (only available for a PC not in CAVE):
F1,F2,F3: Change the color to rot, grün or blau
F4,F5,F6: Change the draw size