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About CavePaint

CavePaint is an open source 3D-paint program wich is primary designed for the input possiblities of a CAVE. Because it's based on voxels it isn't compareable to major modelling tools like 3D Studio Max or Maya, instead you can think of it as a 3D variation of common 2D paint programs like MS Paint.

Why did we start it?
Because of a course at the JKU-Linz we had to make an application for a virtual reality environment. Because we thought it would be fun to make a game but it's cool to create a "real" application, we decided to create an application wich is both: cool and fun. If you have a CAVE within reach you can replace the hours drawing funny pics with hours of drawing volumetric pics now.

Advantages of voxels based to vector based tools
The idea behind a voxel based modelling tool is quite the same as the idea behind a 2D pixel based application:
- Intuitive usage
- It's easy to create typical 2D effects like blur or perlin noise
- It's more fun
- You can easily visualize 3D functions

The result
We noticed that it's very hard to use the possibilities of a 3D draw space because you automatically start to draw 2D images within the volume.
There aren't that many effects available because we were pressed by time. It shouldn't be a problem to implement your own effects if you have some programming skills.

Have fun with it!